DANISH CREATIVES portray 15 makers, artists and designers and their creative processes with an emphasis on textural qualities and unusual details. We have been invited into the inner sanctums – their workshops, studios and homes – and shot places and people as we met them.

With DANISH CREATIVES we aim to give readers all over the world a privileged insight into current Danish design approaches and artistic contemplations and the creative process itself, which can be both divine and grimy, back-breaking work. Our ambition is to contribute to the appreciation of curiosity and uncompromising quality and illustrate how the generations succeeding the renowned Danish mid-century modernists interpret and continue to develop Scandinavian design values today.

The 15 portraits include: graphic designer Rasmus Koch, sustainable material first mover Jonas Edvard, designer and artist Ditte Hammerstrøm, textile artist Astrid Krogh, digital duo Wang & Söderström, furniture designer and artist Chris L. Halstrøm, designer and artist Kasper Kjeldgaard, glass artist Stine Bidstrup, design duo Gamfratesi, designer Thomas Bentzen, ceramic artists Karen Bennicke and Peder Rasmussen, ceramic artist Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl, ceramic duo Claydies and furniture designers and artists Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen


Text and edit: Charlotte Jul
Photo and layout: Nicoline Olsen
Pages: 288
First edition published 2020
ISBN 978-87-972700-0-4
Printed in Denmark / Narayana Press
Dimensions: 24,5 x 32,5 cm
Price: €61 – without freight


Charlotte Jul holds an MA in Spanish, philosophy and design from the University of Copenhagen and has worked as an independent writer, editor, curator, entrepreneur and consultant for the past 20 years, specializing in crafts and design. She has written for individual makers and designers as well as for organizations, museums, newspapers, magazines and design brands. She created and operated the digital platform items.nu to promote craft makers and brands to stylists, media and the press. Following this, she co-developed and served as editor-in-chief of the online magazine designETC, a platform dedicated to elevating and broadening the dialogue about crafts and design. In recent years, she has also been active as a moderator of design talks, a talent spotter and a consultant to makers, designers and organizations.



‘I love writing. Love the flow that I get into when thoughts and keyboard become one and the stories seem to write themselves. I love to delve into and lose myself in the process – that is my favourite place to be. I am deeply fascinated by materials, quality and stories about people who make a difference. And I am fascinated with the capacity of ideas to take on physical form in a process driven by exceptional craftsmanship, wit and verve as manifestations that resonate with our senses. I am deeply moved by the word and the capacity of text to serve as vehicles for works of art, design and craft to connect with receptive minds. As an academic, I have a certain affinity for the intellectual aspects of the field, but as a person, I am directly influenced by the mood an object transmits via its sensuous qualities, material character and the link between ideas and references.’


Nicoline Olsen studied Danish and art history at the University of Copenhagen. For more than 25 years, she has worked as an independent journalist, visual communicator, entrepreneur, art director and photographer. She has authored and provided photographs for several books and has worked with Danish and international magazines, providing editorial content about creatives, food, home design and other lifestyle topics. Nicoline Olsen has created visual concepts, including websites, catalogues and other marketing materials, for international brands as well as trend concepts for trade shows in Denmark and abroad. She also operates the online platform Appealmagazine.live, which is dedicated to art and cultural issues with a gaze that looks towards both the past and the future.



‘The personal, spontaneous quality and a scene with a touch of magic are always what first captures my eye. I am interested in real life and the subtle traces people leave in the spaces they occupy. The lived still life that takes shape over time, without deliberate construction. It fascinates me, because it is unique and cannot be staged. To me, creative workshops where things are made offer unparalleled locations, presenting perfect images that have emerged naturally, without styling. When I took the photos for this book, it was a gift to be able to go exploring and simply snap away, portraying working processes as well as more private aspects of the life of the creative makers and designers who so generously invited us in. As a child, I would often visit my father’s studio, and the first impression that struck me, and which stays with me to this day, is the smell of linseed oil and turpentine. It is my hope that the photos in this book will allow the viewer to sense the unique atmosphere we experienced in the spaces of these Danish creatives.’